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Good Evening, Im writing to you on behalf of Aqua Key West. Were a bar and nightvmclub located in Key West.

Ive just been contracted to Handle the business Digital marketing initiative. Im coming up against one rather large obstacle that they have been trying to work around for years. Not too long ago they employed a gentleman in a General Management position, one of whos employment duties including manage the social media of 2 of the 4 businesses under the Companys umbrella. There was a falling out with the employee and he was terminated but they did not do so amicably.

With him went the login information for our social media accounts including Facebook. Since Ive been on board Ive been attempting to prep all the accounts prior to our new launch initiative. Im able to operate the page as an admin with no problem. Ive even been able to connect them to the corresponding Instagram pages.

Where Im running into an issue is that I use Hootsuite to streamline all my social media platforms and it wont let me connect the two accounts without the Facebook login.

Im looking for a solution that will allow us to access or create new credentials ( most likely just password if we can provide which email was used) We can provide any and all documentation that Facebook may require to verify and reclaim our businesses page. Please let me k ow what steps we can take to resolve this issue.

Thank You,

Christopher Tanner


Thumbs Up Digital Marketing

(786) 877-****

Location: Riverview, Florida

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