Dear Facebook support team, I have completely lost access to my Facebook account, I used to login from Google Authenticator for two way verification. But Unfortunately, I have lost the Google Authenticator app and all the data present over there.

Dear Sir, this particular Facebook account is very crucial for me as I stay away from my family, family friends and my friends also in COVID-19 pedemic situation. Also I do run my business from my Facebook account and it has lot of data which is also very important to me. To prove my authentication that I am sole owner of this Facebook account. I have attached my Computerized National Identification Card (CNIC) which is issued by Government of Pakistan.

Therefore, you are requested that kindly issue me temporary link on my official email that is associated with my Facebook account to access it properly. Thanks

Your's faithfully

Shahid Hussain Abro

Phone number: +923332****08

User's recommendation: Please remove Google Authenticator app from my Facebook account.

Location: Karachi, Sindh

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