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Facebook is not responding they are turning me down I do not have access to the old phone old phone number to get the code generator to log into my account I've submitted my ID which has my name and my picture not expired but won't accept it because it is not the same address that is on the account. Well I've moved since then you know things change like that they shut me down I've sent him my birth certificate my ID my taxes my treatment center plan that I just got done today it has my picture and my phone number and my name the lady is rude and should be fired whoever it is is communicating with me which doesn't even respond maybe once at a 30 times of trying to contact them and then I get the same message we cannot let you in this account until we have something that matches what's on your account there's no thing on the help page that has my issue there's no one to call no one to talk to I am locked out of the account that has all my pictures on it all my family everything I've had that account for a long time and they're not even let me in my account now if something is changed on my account there's not matching my ID besides my address then someone took over my account and changed it I can't even find my email or my find my Facebook by my email on the Facebook page I can reset the password I get notifications that I have from that Facebook account to my email but I can't get into it they're not helping me out they refuse to Facebook is a joke ***

Location: Houston, Texas

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