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I was banned for saying if my man cheats and his friend with him they both gonna get this work as a response to a VIDEO from a man who said the same thing about women the difference was I got a ban and my comment removed but he did not. Because Lord forbid a woman stand up and speak on something that defends her oh no we should shut up or Facebook will shut us up.

I appealed it but to no avail, imagine that. Good ok Zuckerberg siding with the men reminding women that we dont know whats best for our bodies so obviously we should get our *** beat and be forced to have unwanted and unneeded children into the world like the good little 2nd class citizens that women are because by there standards if a man wants to beat our friend up because she knew we cheated then thats ok but we, as women are not allowed to return the favor lest you get that 30 day ban

Also dont joke with your family such as I told my cousin I would kick her in the pinky toe and got banned for bullying

User's recommendation: Find another platform if you’re a woman a.

Location: Louisville, Kentucky

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