I have a handicap sinus 3,000 mi away in Michigan I live in Reno Nevada I sent out 30 very very important messages today heartwarming messages that were very very important every message that I sent was very important for my life I spent about 5 hours researching it and sending these messages after each message that I sent I felt very good about the message that I had sent I called my son and told him that the 30 messages that I sent out that I hadn't received one response and asked him why because all 30 of them should have reached out to me immediately he said that I had to download the messenger off Facebook in order to receive this information I'm an older gentleman and didn't understand so he went on to my account 3000 miles away to try to set it up for me and when I went back onto Facebook to follow the instructions that he gave me I got messages saying that I had been locked out of my account so when we tried to reset it and put in my birthday 6:20 1961 it would not accept it we tried everything I called customer service I reached out for hours I stood in line for an hour at T-Mobile to try to have somebody help me figure out the problem and they weren't able to help me either they gave me a phone number of your company to call for customer service but it said something about can't help you and then when it hung up on me I tried it again same response of a recording I'm still not able to get onto Facebook or the messenger it's locking me out it won't let me reset it I uninstalled it I restarted it however my son is still able to get onto my Facebook account 3,000 miles away on his phone we share the same company it's my account and he has the phone on my account of his own he's able to get into my information but because he did that I got locked out but he was still able to get on it so then I received a message from one of the messages that he sent off his phone to someone and it came to my phone but I couldn't get access to it 8 hours 9 hours 10 hours of my day that were nothing but positive and a positive way and a direction and excitement has turned into a nightmare and broke my heart because I was not able to get these things done that were very important in my life because I did not have access to be able to talk to anyone in your multi trillion dollar company and there was no one there to help me

User's recommendation: This was very disappointing that your company did this to me and there was no one no one out of the millions of people who work for you that was able to help me today you should be able to fix this problem with customer service when something goes wrong somebody should be able to speak to you multi trillion dollar company and I tried every possible way to get a hold of you folks and no one has responded.

Location: Sacramento, California

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