Haven't heard from them. They are awful.

You can't get a hold of these people to deal with a problem. Its all automated service. So they make billions and can't service who they have. Screw Zuckerberg or whatever he calls himself.

Have you read the book 'Zucked' Everyone should.

I was getting too many advertisements. So I checked on their system as to why and the system told me it was because I was over 21 and live in the US. So I tried changing my birthdate to make me under 21 to get rid of these incessant ads. Well that set off bells and whistles and I was banned.

I get it - too young to be on Facebook. Tried sending them info (ID etc) showing my birthdate, but that was useless. I set up another account and I am fine and then for some reason I could no longer get access from my computer on the new account. It kept defaulting to the old banned one.

So, screw them, decided I'm better off without them.

If I want to post, I do it from phone, it was just easier from the computer. And can't seem to convince them that I am not Al Queda or ISIS (just kidding) Sk

User's recommendation: skip facebook. zuckerberg and his company are nothing but putzes and money hungry capitalists.ngry.

Location: High Falls, New York

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