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Failure to log-in Facebook due to malfunction of two-factor authentication

Hi Facebook Team, My Face book ID is Narreshbomma (email: nareshb998589****@***.com The problem is, I cannot receive SMS confirmation codes from Facebook. Sadly, I have not set up other third-party authenticator to get the second-step confirmation codes.

May Your Team please i) truly send me a SMS confirmation code that I never receive ( I did receive before, but after I tried to confirm my number again in the settings, it failed and then I logged out accidentally and since then I did not receive any the 6-digit SMS code again, which was very frustrating!) ii) let me log-in Facebook without two-factor authentication i.e., log-in with my current password only or let me reset my password by emails or providing any personal information which I have filled in Facebook. I also tried to reset my password by requesting Your Team to send me a 6-digit verification code via my two e-mails (this email plus a reserve email). This time, I did receive the codes many many times but each time I tried to enter them, the page always said 'You have tried entering too many codes. Try again later', which was very very frustrating again...

Owing to personal reasons, I have temporarily shut down my Facebook for a period of time and I will continue to do so by unlocking it just occasionally until my personal problems have been solved. This is neither a *** or an attack by others. Btw, yesterday I had accidentally pressed the 'shut down permanently' button and I was so worried that my precious memories would be erased, so I recovered it and then shut down temporarily and re-open Facebook to make sure I have not done it wrong. Also, I have changed my password yesterday and set up a two-factor authentication as I found that my current security level was not enough.

However, the things happened! I will use third-party authenticator instead of SMS once I can log-in my Facebook successfully.

Best, I have already sent letters to Facebook but there has been no response yet, so I tried this forum. And I am from ibdia

User's recommendation: Face book login Page issue.

Preferred solution: Home page login issue.

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