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Yes. At first I was able to get back in because I realize that on my old email address they were still sending me messages from my old account.

So, I tapped on the old email. Vola it worked. So I started trying to fix things and change things around to make it more suitable for access in further use. So I tried to change the phone number.

There were two. I added one mines and then erased one. Ok, then tried to erase the first one it wouldn't let me.

It had really didn't have no delete option at all. So then I tried to change the rest of the setting and they asked me to verify for some reason through email they sent a reset code which I didn't want to do but did anyway and I changed it through that way and they put up the same block verification to send me numbers to friends I no longer talk to

User's recommendation: I just wish that phone numbers and wifi connection wasn't thing to verify your identity based off of that alone. Why don't yall ask for photos of you and the date and a code that y'all randomly sent and id together in the same picture. So that you know that's them unless they are being held hostage for their Facebook which I highly doubt that would happen in mostly all cases.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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