Hi Im Darline Barker-Perkins I am being stalked by Corrie Neal I have a 2 year restraining order against her. A fake facebook account of me and my 10 year old daughter has been created and its humiliating degrading and stated derogatory sexual statements that I would never say with picture of my child as the profile.

Can u please take this away and delete it for good. Please I have reported it plenty of times and it still exist. To describe this fake account the name is Darline Barker. My beautiful daughter has pink and purple hair in her hair and shes smiling sitting in the back of my car.

I definitely believe my stalker ctreated this and its been up for years at least 2 years now. She has sent request to my family and friends pretending to be me. Any questions you can contact me at 177******** My real name and Facebook accouny is Darline Perkins. That is my only active account.

Darline Barker is fake account. Please show me and my daughter some respect and delete it.

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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