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I try and login to my Facebook and cannot get into it because it says to Confirm this is your account so i put in my Email and then i get a code number to put in and it don't take the code and sometimes i don't get a code so i have to get a new code and it keeps saying the code was put in too many times and that is *** so Facebook is so full of crap and all you need to get your account unlocked would be name, cell number and date of barth and Facebook needs to be site up where it knows the IP of the account user and if it is another IP there is a code that only is known to the account user

User's recommendation: Everyone needs to tell Facebook how they fill.

Preferred solution: I need my Facebook Account unlocked and Facebook needs to be fixed up to where the Account owner has a code that only known by Facebook and the Account holder then Facebook would not be ***.

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