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Yesterday i got notification that there is someone trying to log in on my Facebook account, if it's not you please log out this device. Then I loges out from it .

I went to change my password, and it tells me that my old password is wrong, and I was sure that my password was right because I usually log with this password I tried many times. My problem that I Can't long in to my Facebook account, I got hacked and someone changed my password, i cant recover it with my old email because it's deactivated from yahoo.

And I sent a recovery to Gmail with another email they said that they will email me 30mins , but I waited for 16hours and nothing happened

I want to get back my Facebook account without recover it with my old email . Please I need help as soon as possible.

Preferred solution: To get back my Facebook account .

Facebook Pros: Social network and development, Can promote buisness.

Facebook Cons: Profile recovery non helpful, No customer service support, Hackers love facebook, People hacking your page and facebook being ok with it.

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