Closed my account. Posted a factual video of election fraud taking place in Georgia and my account was blocked.

Communism is alive and well in America. That Zuckerdroid can go screw herself.

Preferred solution: Leave the United States.

Facebook Pros: Connections.

Facebook Cons: Loss of and invasion of privacy.

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I totally agree with you. All these clowns want to do , defund the police, take peoples guns, and steal our money, and brerak the constitution.


Time to start living in the real world. You can do it.


I hope, somehow, there's evidence that substantiates the fraud, if it's really occurred.


Help us out. YOU want to appropriate a private business for PUBLIC use to post your “factual” video?

Isn’t that SOCIALISM? How is a private business reigning you in Communism?

What is Communism? Can you compare and contrast Communism, Marxism and Socialism or do you just parrot off word you have zero clue about?


The Constitution guarantees the right of free speech in public forums but has no control over privately owned enterprises such as Facebook. They, conversely, exercise their right to free (speech, religion, press, assembly, petition) by disallowing that which disagrees with their doctrines.

It is manipulation of the Bill of Rights but not illegal ; they are not bound to present equal time for opposing viewpoints. I have no use for Facebook and have never participated.


Exactly.... this is OUR AMERICA!!!

Home of the FREE, PROUD and BRAVE!!! Take that censorship and communistic rhetoric and SHOVE IT!!!

Just a HATEFUL demonic plague of minions.....our LORD AND SAVIOR is ALMIGHTY!!!!!!!! PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!!!!

@Boutique owner

What does your lord and savior say about the obligation of private companies to let you post your nonsense? Can I come stick anti-Christian posters all over your boutique's windows?

@Boutique owner

Parler is open...

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