I find it completely absurd that you allow the Ayatola Khomeini to chant " death to America " that you allow the taliban to recruit terrorists on your platform yet I make a post about how I believe Soros should be assassinated because he is funding an anti police organization in Austin Texas. Clearly this will erode the safety of the people in Austin Texas even more than it already has since being defunded.

Yet my post, of my opinion which is my constitutional right of my freedom of speech is removed from your platform. You are way wrong Facebook and you are already in hot water as it is. I have chosen to completely remove myself from Facebook as I have deactivated my account and will no longer ever use your platform again.

You are corrupt, biased and you are not constitutional. I will advocate for your regulation as much as I can and will support the elimination of your tyranny and censorship at every opportunity I see.

User's recommendation: Facebook sucks.

Location: Liberty Hill, Texas

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