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My account was hacked and my password changed and ultimately I was locked out. I've attempted to reach out to facebook on multiple occasions with no response via email, text, or by phone.Upon trying to regain access to my account by taking the necessary avenues required to do so, I was promted to submit a picture of my I.d.

card I did and was told that my identity couldnt be verified, that my information didnt match.... Now I know I opened my account with my true name and years later I changed my profile name to my nickname.So im at a point where someone had control of my account, locked me out and was posing as me messaging and requesting that my friends and family send me money to bail me out of jail.

I never received a follow-up email even aknowledging that they have read my complaint..... so I'm still lost and have no answers or no Facebook.

Location: Palm Desert, California

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This exact thing happened to me, if you find anything out please let me know too

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