I'm really hoping some one can help me, I've just had no luck with facebook over the past year!

Firstly, in April 2020 my account was compromised. $1000's of dollars spent on my card, Brand pages lost.

Thankfully, this time FB refunded the money and got my pages back.

A few months in October 2020, my personal account was restricted for no reason at all - it had never run an ad. I appealed, and waited very patiently.

A few months again after that, after not being able to use it due to my personal account being restricted, my Business Manager was then restricted. As the appeal for my personal account is still pending, I could appeal this.

I've also just recently realised, that when Facebook reclaimed my pages for me after my BM was originally hacked, they made it so they were Owned by my Business Manager.

Not owned me, or any of the other business owners. Now that the business manager is restricted and I cant appeal, the pages are locked up and I can no longer use them.

I have 5 pages with 10+ years of history!

Thanks, Jono

Location: Sunnybank, Queensland

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