Facebook seems to be the web version of gods living in an ivory tower, pretending to be untouchable, and judging the world. The people cannot earn/regain favor with the self proclaimed gods because the gods cannot hear.

I was part of a private group where I made a post which I see now was not wise.

The Facebook POLICE scolded me a month ago for 24 hours. Since I am no longer a member of that group I have no way of deleting the post. Today, a month later, the Facebook POLICE now locked my FB account for 2 weeks. I have tried to reach out to them but they do not answer the phones to speak to the mere public..

I have attempted to contact them virtually hear my side of the issue to discuss it, but again send a pre-canned response indicating that they did not read your message and have made their decision.

They only continue to judge and hand out punishment as they see fit (in a non-individualized way so not to get their hands dirty).

The Facebook motto: 'The gods have spoken! Do not question!'

Location: Columbus, Ohio

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