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Camila Foster from Orlando has decided to spread information that is not true or able to be proven about me. It cannot be proven because I have not dine it.

She did spread mistruth and speculation yesterday for hours from about 5pm EST till near 11pm. She is continuing today to do it on Westies and Scotties of Florida Group page. She has been reported by countless people for doing this. I am Pamelajane O'Connor.

I was removed from the group yesterday without cause or warning.

When I asked why... to Camila Foster, the owner of the group said that "FB did it." Later she admitted it was her that removed me and because she believes that I am getting puppies from Puppy Mills. I am absolutely not doing this. I simply place puppies for some breeders that do not want to deal with the public.

I handle all of the transactions and the transportation of the puppies to their final destination. They are USDA accredited and licensed. Inspected annually.

She continues to say that she has evidence ... now from 1 person...

that I have done that.

However, I do not and have not ever purchased from a puppy mill.

I want her to be stopped from continuing to say things that are not true about me in her group of 2,300 people.

Can you help me? Where is the Community Standards here?

User's recommendation: Be very aware of the mental frailty of a group page owner. They could cause you or others harm ... intentionally.

Location: Monticello, Indiana

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