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Listen, I wanted to post a video and my video got shot down for copyright *** Because of this I want to offer two ways of making Facebook better (in case Ive missed it):

1) help us be able to post songs of artist without violating any copyright infringements and all that bs

2) have a customer service line so I can talk to someone on how to go about this the right way

Ideally, I just want to be able to post a video with any song I want, giving proper credit to the owner, and without violating any copyrights. I worked really *** hard on my video just for facebook and IG to shut it down because it violates whatever copyright issue there is.

This can be fixed, just please do something about so you can make it easier for us to stay within the law, but be able to freely post any content we want.



Preferred solution: Someone to listen.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

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