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supports vs sportsmay vs Mae.Sorry for the typos; I continue to be monitored by the perpetrators and as another doctor verified, it does affect my focus and ability to complete near work. Usually the ones who rape you do not stalk you after to try to lift private information about you and your work and the work of others.

More reasons I am not going back to work until they are arrested and my domestic and health issues resolve. It makes sense and is all tied together.

Original review updated by user Sep 09, 2021

I continue to be on the lookout for a firm equipped to handle the civil and tort claim aspects (as well as business interruption aspects) of these cases. They are still monitoring me as a means by which to cause harassment, distress, and interfere with all of my relationships as well as to cause business interruption and exacerbate preexisting medical conditions which I have been documenting have worsened as a result of what they have done.

My children have also suffered greatly and have been traumatized/ are continuing to be. This all started with Sheryl Sandberg. She will take responsibility with her colleagues. I will not rest until I know these companies are shut down and the employees at these companies who committed these crimes against myself, children, family, and businesses are put away for good.

I do know the criminal aspects are not my responsibility to prosecute but I will remain available to any government official or agency who is currently or has in the past investigated these so-called places of "business".

Their goal is to expose the public. I would prefer to expose them instead. I have reported them to every level of government now, including jurisdictions within and around their own zip codes. They have committed egregious crimes against countless other families and businesses.

I am living proof of one individual and family they targeted as well as 2 businesses. They are rapists (Mentally, emotionally, attempted financially, sexually, and in every other which way) and murderers *attempted in my case- lots of witnesses who can verify I almost died as a result of what they did* and while they have also been claiming to be skilled in many professions, including health care and education as well criminal justice/ law enforcement/ and mental and behavioral health care, when in fact they are not even remotely skilled in any of the aforementioned areas, let alone their own (many in their own professions were also monitoring and tracking them when the harassment began via Sheryl Sandberg at Facebook when I refused to go after government officials despite her coaching over incidents that did not occur by them or through them, her co workers at Google also got involved.). They have caused injuries and harm/ pain and suffering and should be tried as that which they wished to make up and pretend to be. Tech malpractice vs.

Med Mal? If they are claiming to be health care professionals and operating as such, perhaps they should also have the same types of accountability measures that Licensed and certified professionals do. Sheryl Sandberg bullied and harassed me for a period of almost 6 months before she and her partner in crime at google continued their antics in other ways right in my own home and office, car, and beyond. She has issues with licensed and certified professionals and anyone she perceives to be smarter and more qualified than herself.

Her team could not get control of her nor help her get the help she needed. Her partner and counter part at that time also engaged in his own bullying antics, stating that I was in a commercial that no one used (not true) while she also continued her own harassment, Insisting I made up my entire careers while simultaneously taunting licensed and certified professionals. She was threatened by not only my intelligence and experience but because she accepted contracts she was not qualified to accept and rallied support from her unqualified partners and former colleagues and coworkers in tech who she likely had "dirt" on with her make it movements and gentleman's affairs. Her own professionalism and qualities are what I find fault with.

Her group was trying to pressure me to work with them. She also was trying to recruit me via my Facebook profile for her lean in movement. This is after she first attacked me in my office, literally minding my own business and enjoying the quiet. She was insane with her outbursts and these continued for 6 months.

I logged in. I logged out. At times she would not allow me to log out. Apple and others helped with that.

Most times, I could successfully just turn off my device and keep reporting her. When I refused to marry one of them I never even met, then to work with them, then to have an affair, they both continued to engage in actions they have against countless others. Then when I was not even in a state where I could make a decision, the rapes occurred. I could barely speak.

I do remember saying consent, not authorized. There were witnesses. Their own inadequacy and the trauma of the things people have said to them over time due to their own lack of qualifications and experience/ professional development and training and their own lies about their qualifications should never serve as a basis to serve in roles they were "playing" let alone the standards of "care" Sheryl Sandberg has established for them 1. we do not sleep with co workers, voluntarily or involuntarily; 2.

They were never co workers of mine; I was a customer; 3. They were not qualified to assume the roles they acted in (bad actors/ frauds); 4. They never had authorization or consent to assume these roles and I tried to say that in my weakened state even prior to the rapes, in various forms; 5. I did not need services.

Sheryl's master plan was to make it appear as though my ads were personal vs that I had real businesses. She convinced her team to operate under these pretenses. One of her teammates thought the way to add protections was awareness. Was he protecting me?

Everyone knows as part of the services we provided, we do much legal advocacy and awareness and legislation through the professional organizations to which we belong as well as all of the other professional groups of colleagues who know us and who have worked with us. They can choose to share their contact information if they wish in public places. I would not share that or any information with these criminals. If you cannot turn off your conditions, that would indicate something medical is going on.

These folks were at work. I was the customer. They are at work. I am in my own home.

I have not had one issue with a client or friend that is not associated with the trauma or stimulus conditions invariably paired with the trauma let alone one co worker, stranger, family member or neighbor not associated. 3. It was done with malice and Mal intent. They do not believe they can be held accountable and have garnered support even from the church leaders to head their crime sprees and to support their conduct that almost resulted in my own untimely and wrongful death after I had attempts on my life and based on the timeline I still am not convinced Sheryl Sandberg was not tied to this either.

I did my own test involving some other events that occurred.

Case-in-point, She tried to cover her crimes. She enlisted the support of her fellow convicts/ coworkers to help her successfully execute these crimes. Acting as if I made up my career and it was personal is something profiles like her do. She is not the first one.

My ex spouses' sister and mother tried to do the same thing if their son/ brother had to work and pay money each time. Sheryl functions for similar reasons. Money. So does her partner, "We just want to see how you spend the money".

They both knew what they were doing and had Mal intent. He reminds me of my ex in that he last minute will display some remorse yet he is usually the one that provokes the incidents to begin with. My ex has been in therapy for almost 10 years. Since he stopped, he is back to his old ways of doing things.

He is easily manipulated and controlled. I usually would have to teach him to set healthy boundaries with others, including his own family of origin and others in his life.

I want a firm equipped to go after Facebook and their employee first, personally and professionally. Since they used google technology and the ones who also assisted were employees and past employees there, I want to make sure the firm can have all of the available information and decide how best to proceed with all the "players" involved. They are both / all responsible.

While I do continue to have censorship concerns at Facebook, these were very low level concerns compared to the crimes they committed against me directly, my family and businesses, not just constitutionally. My posts were not at all inflammatory or rude or threatening; her comments were. She was physically present and taped by myself and the proper authorities in tech and beyond during each one of her outbursts which included threats, intimidation tactics and other coercive and exploitative maneuvers, no different than my ex. She Mae these against myself family, and businesses, no different than my ex and his family which is why I will continue to address the non domestic and domestic together in my own treatment I am receiving to cope with the effects this continues to have on me and my family.

We do believe in the services we promote and have worked hard to develop. While her own colleagues chose to buy her fake ads and get seduced by her so they became not only accessories to her crime spree, but direct contributors, despite so many urging I follow suit, and them making a different choice, she does have a way of manipulating others. Unfortunately, their trajectories are just not something I can be a part of, I have 4 kids and I want to be here for them as I have said time and again at every level of influence. They need me and I need them.

I refused adamantly to listen to anyone anywhere who would offer such poor advisement at my own expense and family's, innocent children like that, these uneducated individuals at every level who have no idea what parents need let alone children in terms of sports, let alone businesses and all of the many services we provided. I have the longest corporate purposes section any business has ever seen at IIBD. The idea of my non profit was to simplify for the simple people like Sheryl who can't hold much information and who do need information to be presented in such small fragments to cope. Fortunately, I will be continuing with my show soon so we can share information that is factual and continue to support those government officials as we always have, particularly at the state and federal levels who do work so hard and value evidenced based approaches in legislation as well and mandates.

My own district rep I came to find has left his post. I was sad to learn of that. Justin Simmons was one of the most astute and professional legislatures I would call him there ever was and very much appreciated panels of experts helping to guide legislation vs just money and gifts and other things more commonly used to push agendas like these underhanded criminals are. I will continue to support the ethics at Apple and the integrity Apple was not only designed with by a leader who would never have accepted less but by those he still continues to ensure do their parts to protect the public while also making sure the public is safe.

I would also share the story there to show how it is possible to help keep others safe on secure servers and platforms and also work with Many other groups from many other distant places who also believe in the potential of technology and who have used it with us 4 Good. Vs. the ways in which it has been used against myself, family, and countless others now. Professionals do not need someone breathing down their necks constantly with the threat or fear of litigation., They need the supports and infrastructure my own companies provided with internal review services.

We help support their staff and personnel in doing the right thing and it is an educational model of service delivery. We do not go out there trying to get people or go after people or catch them in crimes. Again, google and Facebook are the complete opposite of everything we ever did. We objectively present information and findings and changes are made when changes are needed.

What has happened in my domestic life is exactly what these companies have done and do to countless businesses and homes and government agencies and attempted with others. I won't have it. I will be the one to continually speak up and out and against businesses like this and families like this. I have speech and language disorders and health impairments.

I can't think of a better way to continue to spread awareness now while I am not working due to covid, domestic, and these business interruption issues due to Facebook and google. As a victim, perhaps those who are not researchers like I am/ was, clinicians, like I am/ was, and so many other roles, will learn to respect professionals and accept their own limitations. Regardless of their psychological processes with the process of acceptance, I do believe in the criminal justice system and in the legal system. While I am a law school drop out, it does not mean that I do not care deeply about laws and about ensuring those laws that make sense are followed and that those who do not follow those laws are not punished for their conduct.

I will be making sure that the proper letters of each law are affixed to each and everyone of the criminals involved here. That is my personal responsibility in the role of victim. We all must do our part to fight injustice in this world and beyond.

Regards, and looking forward to being the voice for all their other victims as well as they continue to come forward. I have been the voice for many others, however usually advocates assume those roles.

Advocacy is among the many roles all of my professions include as part of our professional roles and responsibilities. Looking forward to getting back to work after my health, domestic, and business interruption issues resolve.

User's recommendation: Do not use Facebook; do not share information with Facebook you do not wish to share with Facebook; download your files and leave Facebook.

Monetary Loss: $999999.

Preferred solution: Knowledge they are shut down; their employees turn themselves in, and they do in fact make sure they publicly admit to everything they and google did. I will settle for nothing less than justice in every form. .

Facebook Pros: Free online photo storage.

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