I received the following email from someone (Ai Ella) who has been attempting to *** my account. I do NOT know this person, and I have no way to view this "ad account" or whatever the heck it is. Please help, and direct this email to someone who can help me to remedy this issue. Thank you

Hi Nicholas,

Ai Ella has added you to an ad account.

Ad Account Name:

Ai Ella (ID: 454492****889559)

If you don't recognize the person who added you or the ad account, you can remove yourself from the account in settings. View Settings


The Facebook Ads Team

I am unable to see or remove or edit myself from within Settings. Very frustrating. Attempts to contact Facebook customer service is like wading through a sea of mud. With all its billions you think it could come up with a user friendly way of fielding customer issues.

Location: Huntington, New York

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