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To whom it may concern ,

The following incidents that I will be outlining have occurred during the past 6days and I have reported it to Facebook , However nothing is being done . The incident involves , bullying which the perpetrator have admitted to.

My profile picture was used as a method of defamation of character . Where a post was made by Ms. Musiatu Deborah Bangura insulting me and bullying me online . As a Professional this is affecting my business image and my mental health .

I have asked her to take down the post but she refuses and claims that social media bullying is allowed. I will be inserting a screen shot her systems .

I trust that you and your team will resolve this matter as soon as possible due to the fact that my mental health and character is at stake . Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Website.

Preferred solution: Removal of the bullies account and remove my picture and false statement on the bullies profile..

Facebook Pros: Interacting.

Facebook Cons: Facebook doesnt seem to listen when there is problem.

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