Dear Facebook

We desperately need your help.

On 23/6/21 we were scammed by these fraudsters on your platform. They have since claimed onwership of and are in control of our pages on face book( VisaCentreGlobal).

We have tried to alert facebook but to know help. We then created another page Visa Centre.Global with the intention of alerting our 60k followers. We posted banners to that effect and tagged the hacked page on the adverts scheduled for promotion

The adverts were then paused strangely and boost unavailable. On checking the management actions we realised the same people had been alerted of the new page by the tagging and managed to claim ownership of our new page Visa Centre.Global on the 14th on July 2021 using the VisaCentreGlobal page they haf stolen from us.

We can prove all we saying including via bank statements and company registration documents and websites to show who we are. We hve all the evidence of how this scam happened.

Right now our principal joseph Kudita who also has TJ Kudita as his original personal profile is still an admin on the new page before being completely removed. This has happed on Visacentreglobal.

We are begging facebook to helo us save our brand which we have watched being destroyed since 23 June 2021.

The hackers continue to post *** images and websites on the Storyline/ status line of our original page VisaCentreGlobal_ Only visible to our followers and people who liked the page) on a daily basis.

Please read the page review and see what we arr talking about as two of our clients managed to post the alert messages on the page visacentreglobal page review. We suspect the hackers have not seen them and hence have not deleted them.

We are as desperate as it can be and we fear our followers are being scammed using our page besides being subjected to faily *** images showing in their own personal story lines from the page VisaCentreGlobal which they had followed or liked.

We had tried to alert them via the adverts planned via the altetnative page VisaCentre.global which has aldo been hacked & we dont know how. But all our scheduled adverts have been" paused" after the hackers claimed ownership of the new almost similar page VisaCentre.Global

The hackers are known to face book under alias "Advertising Account" and one of the hackers is also known as Muhdar Aben/ Muhdar Abenik. from indonesia( according to info we got from facebook updates)

Please check the page VisaCentreGlobal management history from 23/6/21 to see what we are talking about.

We fervently pray for facebook intervention and justice.

Facebook profiles: TJ Kudita

& also Joseph Kudita

Thank you

Mr Joseph Kudita

For and on behalf of Visa Centre Global Private Limited



User's recommendation: https://www.facebook.com/visacentreglobal/.

Location: Lusaka, Lusaka

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