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One of my old friends that isnt my friend anymore is using multiple Facebook accounts and keeps contacting me and harassing me. And cyberbullying I keep blocking but it doesnt work he keeps continuing it.

Hes calling me names and swearing at me I did ask him to stop I even created a new Facebook under a different name to kindly ask him to stop harassing me and my friends. And its never ending. Im just getting tired of being bullied by this guy his name is Matthew Herrin I cant really explain what he looks like though. All I know is that he has multiple Facebooks and keeps contacting me.

And I have sever suicidal depression and Ive been bullied all my life. Hes getting upset that I refuse to be his friend again. This guy is causing me to get so depressed that I want to cut myself. And he is making me feel that I am unworthy and a nobody.

Im sorry for bothering you guys.

I just want him to get in trouble. Hes making my life a living *** Im stressed out all the time and I when I get stressed i end up getting depressed thinking suicial thoughts andi cant seem to help it and the one person who helps me and keeps me calm is my mom and my wife

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