I could not login and as I searched it looks like someone from California logged on somehow and now I can't get into my Facebook account. The email that is on my account is shawnsmith77@***.com that I started way way way back.

I still have access/the password to that account even though I don't use it. I now use shawnsmith752005@***.com. But I did get a 6 digit code to change my password and I was able to change my password. But when I go in to log on it says "Generate a code from your authentication app" and I do not have an authentication app or know how to do that.

I did the other way it suggested and sent a picture of my drivers licence in and have received no email back... The other email that is on the account now IS NOT MINE!!! I do not have an email that is g*********h@***.com or whatever that other one is. My two emails are shawnsmith77@***.com and shawnsmith752005@***.com.

My telephone number has apparently been taken off of there too. I am now worried that I just sent a picture of my drivers license to a person who has stolen my identity in California or wherever they could be.

It is not good you guys don't have a customer service representative that you can reach by phone. This could be a dangerous situation and we need to be able to contact someone. Your facebook help center provides me no help.

I do not want to just open up a new account when that person has access to all of my old pictures. When people search me they can no longer find me. So I don't know if I have just been removed from the platform all together or if the person who hacked my profile has blocked important people that could catch them.

Please provide me with a number to call or have someone call me at 618-534-****.

An email back would also help me. I just want my facebook back and there is no way for me to retrieve it now.

Location: Mckinney, Texas

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