My name is Elle, mum of Ethan, we are living in Dubai.

and I have a boy, name is Ethan who was born in Dubai.

unfortunately he have not much meet his both grand parents.

His grand parents are living South Korea and Denmark.

I want to show my boy's daily life to his grand parents even though online, therefore I made facebook account to posting his pictures, so his grand parents can see him though pictures.

But last weekend it was deactivated his facebook account because he is under 14 years old.

But I made this account and managed.

It's my boy's property since he was born.

Also all of my family members property.

But I could not find Facebook customer service.

They asked to sent my ID but I could not hear any of process what they will do.

Its still deactivated.

how do I know it will be activated or deactivated forever?

Please advice me.

Thank you.

Location: Dubai, Dubai

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