Dear Sir/Ma'am,

I Ashutosh Pathak owner of the account linked with email address (ashutoshpathak0001@***.com) linked with instagram also, Ive been using this account more than 8 years during this period I respect your guidelines and regularly following it and never tried to break those guidelines. While walking towards my home from office someone snitched my cellphone and ran away, I ran towards him but failed to catch him.

By the time I get my cellphone back the suspicious activities was done through my cell phone the person who snitched my phone hacked and used the instagram too and he sent those suspicious clips from my instagram id I was totally unaware of this activity there is no involvement of mine breaking community guidelines.

I am totally stunned by this. Because my instagram linked with facebook account my both social platform id is suspended and disabled, I hope you will understand my situation and help me to get my facebook and instagram id back.

Facebook Pros: Good to connect with family & friends.

Facebook Cons: Bad service in individual problems.

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