I am a person named Saman Monfared who is a supporter of human rights and I stood up against corruption and big scams and I expose them with my evidence. My only media is Instagram and I have millions of fans and fan pages.

But these corrupters an Dear sir or madam,

My name is Saman Monfared. My page has been shut down for no reason. I help the poor around the world and I'm a human right activist, there are documents available upon request. So many have been left with no support since my page was shot down and my medium was blocked as I was their source of support.

I request you to bring back my page as people under my protection need me and are left with no support and food. I helped the addicted out of addiction and now many have been left homeless for my page is closed. They cannot contact me and I cannot find them either.

Please bring back my account. I've always observed Instagram codes and rules.

Many thanks

I provide people with masks and sanitizers, I cannot find the ones in need now

There are documentations and videos available on me helping people, I can send them to you


Adress page : @samanmonfaredofficial


Location: Seattle, Washington

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