My account was hacked. This is what happened I am trying to sell this on Poshmark.

I had 2 people ask if they could do a certified check. This is my first time online selling. My mistake. I got an email from one stating their check is a huge amount and for me to cash it and sent the rest back.

The other has harassed me through text. The last text I got was I see that you are trying to login to your Facebook Trust me you can ever and never get back in unless you do what I told you to go through the link to send me the code that is the best way for you. This person sent me a link which I clicked on not understanding what it did, and it locked me out of my account. I am pleading with Facebook to take my old account down, Katie Grell.


Please if there is anything I can do for you to help me.

I need it taken down. I do not want to face consequences due to their actions.

User's recommendation: Help.

Location: Akron, Ohio

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