I do not want a personal pg but require one to setup a business page so I did this. I don't like having my personal data online so I chose a halloween pic of myself as a profile pic.

The business page was created and followed by people, I setup payment to pay for online ads. I go to check my ad spend the next day and I'm forced out and can't login because my personal profile does not adhere to some code of facebook. I can't stop the payment for my ads nor can I login to the business page. This is the most *** ridiculous setup for a business page I've ever seen, it should be independent of a user profile.

I don't even post anything with that user profile. On top of this all, you can't login to the contact us page nor do they have anything but some stupid a.i *** automated replies as their help. A company this large with this type of data on this many people should be regulated to have a basic contact point where people can actually get a hold of someone to talk to and clarify the issue. I have no way of them stopping to bill me, I'm now cancelling that credit card.

Hopefully this company slowly dies off as this is b.s. to deal with this a business owner.

Location: Vaughan, Ontario

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