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I had a Facebook account for years. After a bad domestic violence situation where I ended up hospitalized, I decided to be more private but kept my account to keep up with my loved ones.

A year to the date that the TPO expired I was contacted by the abuser, he said to me " he wasn't finished with me". I told him to stop contacting me or authorities would be notified, and I would request another TPO. Tried not to overreact and decide that telling my closest friends not to give information on me would be sufficient. I had suspension of the fact that one year later I was robbed and randomly (or what seemed randomly) was jumped by a group of females in a NYC club.

I had suspension that he could be involved, but that would mean that my ex's wouldve jad to have worked together. I immediately dismissed the thought until I found myself a victim of my daughter's father as well but this time worse. Please don't judge, but trying to put my civil case together and also trying to learn how to market my new business on FB. I decided to make a business account to target customers that were dog and cat owners under my business gmail.

The system initially let me in, but then it associated me with people that could easily tell them of my reappearing online, scared to death, I immediately changed my last name to my married last name that I never used while married and no one could associate me too. FB immediately locked both of my acounts. I attempt to contact them regarding the situation, sending them divorce decree and ID, but my accounts remain locked and all I keep getting is their policy statements regarding breaking their rules. Meanwhile, I've been harassed followed disrespected I have had to request people remove my daughter's pictures posted on their page over and over and been openly slandered.

According to the law even if divorced a married last name can always be used, and I showed evidence over and over and over. Besides, marketing to furry pet lovers like myself with my business account I would like to gain access to my personal account for evidence I can and want to use to backup what I've been saying as factand collaborated my claims that what my babydad has stated is false slander and for the sole purposes of embarrassing me and labeling me and gaining the upper hand in the custody of our child. Moreover it can help jog my memeorie that has failed me due to the severe trauma I've endured and finally to It can restore my sense of security that I've lost due to the years of long constant lies and bashing. FB doesn't care to help me eventhough I've asked over and over again.

I'm tired and this not being able to market new clients hurta my bottom line and is annoying online stores is annoying, lord knows how much marketing opportunities I'm missing due to this mess.

To add insult to injury FB emails me letting me know others have been allowed to gain access to my account!! There is something seriously wrong here. I can't get in my own account but someone else can?

OMG!!! If they don't want me using their platform, I'm OK with that, but at least allow me to have my evidence for court and maybe help me figure out who is gaining access to my account and why?

User's recommendation: My recommendation to FB is to read up on laws regarding being married & divorce and belong able to maintain or still use yourarried last name.

Monetary Loss: $8000.

Preferred solution: I want access to the evidence. if they can help me with an IP address ofwho's gaining access, while I'm denied and ignored. My business email is I've have been robbed of thousands and my identity has been stolen..

Facebook Cons: Facebook account has been locked.

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