Hello maam and or sir. My name is Taylor Neal my facebook was disabled a couple weeks back and I am looking to get it back.

I was never flagged for any bad behavior and rarely posted on it to begin with so Im not sure why it was disabled used my account for a photo dump. For my work as a VA im licensed with my state and to scroll random tik toks thats All I went through the steps of requesting the review and I havent herd anything except an alert that say my account is going to be deleted in three days.

I have also been trying to find out what it is exactly on my page that got me disabled to begin with beacuse of this I missed my cousins wedding and I have pictures of relatives and my dog that have passed on that I will lose forever along with memories of the last 11-12 years Im so heart broken. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Location: Portland, Oregon

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