hello my account got deactivated on april 30th at 1:30 am i was asleep when it got deactivated. I have never got my account deactivated before.

The only thing i could think of for my fb account to get deactivated was from the trump rally i went to, by the way it was my first time. all i did was post pictures on my story i didn't say or anything wrong people post where they are at everyday. on my account it kept saying that my account was under review. After 30 days my fb would be active again if fb finds that i met community standards or didn't it remain disable.

The issue is i have alot of pictures on there and memories. My son pass away in 2019 and i all his stuff on fb i asking please give me back my account i am needing my pictures of my son that's all i have left.

i will not post political picture every again trust me that was my first and last time. Tried to fix this all day see picture but it kept just circling

Location: Cornelia, Georgia

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