You, FACEBOOK, disabled my account for reasons not explained to me. Prior to that IYou kept telling older post from 4 years ago went against your safety standards than when I disagreed you came back stating "OOOPS sorry we got it wrong" Yet you kept the restriction in place.

It is absurd that you can take a post from 5 years ago, a post that I shared from someone else's post, and disable me with no due process. So Let me be clear here; Your platform has been used by those in the January 6th attack on the capital, BLM uses it Antifa has used it but you are *** over a post that represents this country and WWII? Your platform is part of the problem with what is going on today. When the post of Kathy Giffard can hold a severed head of the President and that somehow is covered under freedom of speech then I post American troops holding a Natzxi flag says how we dealt with socialism is we fought.

That is offensive to you? You make me sick, this is our writes given to us under our constitution and you ARE NOT A PUBLISHER, therefore you have no right to censor anyone!!Quit being the PROBLEMQuit being the problem

Location: Aberdeen, Maryland

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