I have had instances where this has occurred before. Most recently was where I could not go live for 90 days because.

I'm sure you can see that in your records (incidentally it was posted in 2018 as well). In 2018,

It was a meme/cartoon that alluded to suicide and was going through depression issues because of medication i was on and I put myself in rehab. All better now and back in school getting my paramedic certification back while i work a full and part time job. I know now that goes agains the TOS and I apologize.

I am confused that when I usually get some sort of penalty it has do with something I posted months (even years ago) so I can only assume there is some sort of automatic bots combing through looking for content that is questionable. The only thing I can think of moving forward if my account is enabled again is to just delete all of my past content (pics) so this doesn't happen again. Again, I apologize and hope this can be quickly resolved without disabling and deleting my account permanently. I appreciate you taking the time to read this and am open to any other suggestions that would protect me in the future.

Thank you, Daniel (Hank) Andrews

PS I am not saying this content should not have been removed. I think I attached the right image or one close to it.

ThanksHi, I am not able to describe the content that caused this issue because it does not show me a particular post or picture. It looks like it was something posted in March of 2018.

User's recommendation: Delete all questionable content.

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

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