Hi FB Team,

Good day to you all hope all is well. Please team im pleading in the activation on my account.It has been 7 days now and im still waiting for your response.

I understand that its pandemic and it might take some time thats why i decided to write this email. To start, it says that i violated community standards by attempting to share some files that are not allowed in which I honestly dont know about. Im not on my FB most of the time and I find it hard to believe that i would do such a thing. Even at the exact time that i was block I was not even on the FB account because i was at work which really shocked me why it came to this point.

There could be some glitch or program error I dont know. Also at that time, I immediately secured my account and changed my FB password just to be on the safe side. Now, i cant log in and it shows me it has been disabled and under review and has 23 days left. Guys if you need anything from me please do let me know.

Im really having a hard time these past days because some of my apps are linked on my FB account also. If you need to contact me, this is my email and i can also provide my mobile number if it is needed. Im very willing to work together with you just help me fix this please.

email: jeffersonpauig85@***.com

name: jeff pauig

Hope you can help me FB team.

Thank you.

PS: sorry i think this is my 2nd email i really dont know if this email gets to you or not.

I just dont know where to contact you guys and im just really trying all possible contact i can think of. im sorry

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