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Without any reason, the Facebook just disable my account. Also.

When I received a message from Facebook I Decided to go to the help centre and I had to login but they didn't let me login I tried to change my password but there was an option that it says that we need to send you the confirmation to your email or text you when I check the number that it was in the Facebook on. Nothing was my actual email and my number and I do not even know who is number that so I have this account for like about four years I never received amany warning from Facebook and I cannot understand why they disable my account maybe someone hacked my account. My name is Leila Esmaili Nazar and I have two accounts one of them is LEILA EN that it's disabled right now I have this for four years and I never received anything from Facebook that I need anything. And I'm actually shocked.

One of my icon that I have a Time to be my family and the other one that you disable is It is my business account on my friends account I am a principal of. Of the high school and I have a business accounts that it's suddenly closed on October 15.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Location: Brampton, Ontario

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