Deborah monaghan

I received a 30 day ban i asked for a review then fb said they got it wrong put the post back on and unblocked.

This exact thing happened the next day with the same outcome.

Day 3 a notification saying as i had just had 2 30 day bans i had been given an automatic 30 day ban (but these bans had been in error) the early hours of the following day a message saying my account was being looked at for not being within guidelines and was disabled.

I asked for a review but after a month never received a review even though it said i had sent one it would not let me save my information meaning pics and i have pics of dead family on there I dont have anywhere else. Its extremely upsetting.

My account email maybe debz27deborah@***.com and not n.monaghan08@***.co.uk

Please help even if its just to download my pics thank you

Location: Isleworth, England

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