I have a disabled account since December 23rd and I don't know why. I am told I violated Facebook's "community standards" but I don't know what I said or posted.

Facebook shows a post from me from April 24th, 2020 with a grayed-out box with no picture in it. So if you are disabling my account for a post from a year and a half ago, I hardly think that is fair. When I try to go to Facebook it says "Review Requested: That's been saying that from almost day one and now I get a message saying I have 5 days to request a review or my account might remain disabled or be terminated. First, I don't know what I posted to put me in this situation and I would really like to know.

I read somewhere I could request a review by going to some place on the FB page, but I can't get on FB at all. I do want to have my situation reviewed. I have had a "Review Requested" message on my screen for 20+ days. It my "violation" was being reviewed, isn't 20 days excessive?

Why can't I know what I posted to put me in this situation? Don't I deserve that? What if I was hacked and the hacker posted something offensive on my page? I'm not saying that is the case, but I honestly don't feel I posted anything risque or inappropriate when you disabled my account and not being able to see what the post is, how can I know it I was in fact the one making the post?

I had sent two E-Mails previously to security@***.com and got no reply. I have my doubts that I will get a reply from you either, but I'll try to be optimistic.. If you were going to terminate my account, would you tell me?

How long might I be disabled? Please respond my inquiry.

Brian Brown

User's recommendation: All I can tell you is Facebook will not respond to your E-Mails. I don't think it's fair to disable my account and not tell me why. Violating "community standards" doesn't cut it. I want to know what specifically I said or posted. You have no real place to express your grievances at Facebook. I've requested a review from nearly day one and no response from Facebook. I'm just frustrated.

Location: Connellsville, Pennsylvania

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