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My account was disabled suddenly without notice of what I did wrong. I got no email stating what I did wrong.

I have appealed but get messages what info that I dont have. I did have to change my email in July last year because my internet provider no longer offered the service it was shawnda@***.net Im wondering since when I go on my laptop that comes up to sign in even through I changed it to my new email if the notifications were going there prior to being disabled. I did may my kids Valentine boxes one was a baseball player another Harley stickers I dont know if this is infringement or if I was hacked. Ive never been in trouble and dont feel my account should be disabled or permanently deleted.

I have my family documented for 12 years and want it back because Ive not got info of what was wrong. I do feel if I get it back it needs to be sent to the correct email.

Can you please help me. Im so upset over all this.

Facebook Pros: Memory storage contact with friends, Keep in touch friends and family, I like looking up friends.

Facebook Cons: After being blocked impossible to get back online, Constantly asking for a security check and blocking.

Location: Bidwell, Ohio

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