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My Facebook has been disabled for no reason because I shared a post that 1 million other people did. Like my post so they said I went against community standards but it was OK for people to wish hate and discontent against President Trump in any of his supporters.

Ive tried to contact Facebook many times they said my account was under review and it will be disabled in 21 days permanently. Im saying its not fair that they have a double standard and punish you or silence your page because of your opinion. If Facebook cant turn my account back on immediately I think its time to file a civil lawsuit against Facebook for silencing me. They are breaking my first amendment right that was given to me the day I was born as a US citizen.

Book allows hate and discontent to anybody that doesnt go along with their agenda but if it goes against their agenda especially political agenda they silence you and disable your account. I would like Facebook to give me my picture is an all my information over the last 12 years family photos trips memories gone forever because of their political opinion against people. I would say its time to file a lawsuit a major one with the Supreme Court of the United States against Facebook for silencing people.

Facebook seems to forget that there is a constitution in the United States. They violated it.

User's recommendation: Facebook can’t give me back my account then I would not recommend Facebook to anyone.

Preferred solution: I have my account back through Facebook. If my Facebook page is reinstated I promise not to post anything political ever again I miss being able to see my friends and family and such things as that. .

Facebook Pros: Connecting with friends and family.

Facebook Cons: And being silenced for your opinion.

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