Just to make it easier for my self Ive copied email I sent to Facebooks 3 emails yesterday. To FB support, FB appeals and to FB disabled emails.

Also I kept sending them my EU passports photo all day yesterday and for past 9 days. SoHi and thanks very much for the help in advance.

My account was hacked last week Wednesday, since then I had lots of problems to reset my password because it was showing me unknown error, then that I have entered password to many times even I tried to enter it only twice. My ID was finally approved after 5 days sending it to them and I got access to my account this Monday, I had security scan, changed my password and added my phone number to it and it was confirmed. To log in to my account directly I was asked to enter Authentication code that I wasnt getting even after I asked it to be resent to me I still didnt get it.

I pressed help I was asked to enter my email then ID again. I was doing it 4 times on Tuesday this week and unswear was that it not the right ID what is strange because its Latvian EU passport and it was already approved before. On Wednesday I tried it again and the unswear was that I have to be at least 13 years old and my account will be deleted. Thats nice, because I am 40.

Looks like someone looked at my EU passports issue date what was June 2015. So could they not see that its an adult person on the picture and definitely doesnt look like that I am 7 years old. My date of birth is 07/1981. I tried to fill in 2 forms online from Facebook Help Centre many times but its cant be sent or submitted, just says try again later, same today.

Hope to get back to my account soon so i can finish all settings after it was hacked. Also I add photo of my ID, me and my ID and few pictures from my account just to prove that its me. Thank you. So today after 9 days of this nightmare I got email from FB that its not the right ID and sent me a link there I can read about all documents can be excepted.

Passport is number 1 on that list. So whats the problem with my EU passport I cant understand.

And no any unswear from FB disabled or appeal. Very disappointing and sad experience I got from them.

Location: Dublin, Leinster

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