I m Varun Gupta a facebook user whose account had been deactivated few days ago without any prior information and even on complaining through the mail there isn't any response from facebook which shows that the company is least bothered about its users . As being a user I should have the right to know why was my account deactivated and even I should have been warned before being deactivated because for your company it might just be an account but for we users it's not less than an emotion because it was not a new account but an old account .

After no response on any platform from the company brings a feeling of fraudulent being done with people on a large scale . So I would hope that you will be looking upon my matter very soon and even I hope the goodwill of your company that is looked upon about the company will help me too because a poor response to a consumer has a very bad impact on the market.

Location: Kolkata, West Bengal

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