You guys are threatening to deactivate my page for sharing from dangerous individuals or organizations, but I am unable to even SEE the posts that were supposedly wrongthe last two times I was locked out, I requested review, and WON, due to a mistake on your partI even received an apology! I do not associate with DANGEROUS people, and am wondering if it was a meme shared about Trump, as he is DEFINITELY a dangerous individual!

Anyways, itd be GREAT to see how I (so-called) violated? I need my page unlocked ASAP, as I use the platform for work, this is how I stay in contact with clients! I am also unable to recover some EXTREMELY important memorial photos of my deceased mother, that I have NO other way of getting back! I requested a review days ago, and still nothing.

PLEASE fix this, this is another mistake on your part! Thank you, take care.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Moderator.

Preferred solution: Apology.

Facebook Pros: Kerping in touch with family, Keep in touch with my family divided by miles.

Facebook Cons: Political crap.

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