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I wanted to take a moment and just a little Facebook and those who sit behind a desk pushing the buttons and thinking that they are doing right when youre actually doing wrong. I have watch this over a period of time and even when you decided to send me a notification that my words are hateful, my words are not hateful my words are truthful and thats the key there that you and your fact checkers or deliberately and purposely trying to censor and silence anyone who speaks up for righteousness and tells the truth.

Granted, I did make comments about all these videos online on your site People who are trying to domesticate wild animals and especially the monkeys. You have people in other countries mostly in here in the United States as well but especially they are in Asia and foreign countries who obviously have no morals and no education and obviously their governments and the authorities do not do anything about animal abuse. And shame on them. Shame on those poachers and those who are stealing and scamming and lying and cheating to get these wild animals and especially these baby monkeys slaughtering their mom sent her dad so that they can have a cute little baby monkey and dress it up and try to make it into a human baby.

And yes I did say that youre being stupid because they are being stupid And speaks out against the evil and speaks the truth, Facebook you are just as guilty and just as wrong as those committing those crimes. Your fact checkers need to be fact checked themselves. I have never ever and will not threaten anyone and every comment that Ive ever made I have made it with good intentions and anyone else and others have looked at my comments and examine them and even confirm for me that there is nothing wrong with my comments. But people should call Facebook the playground for the devil because thats what you were condoning and going along with and supporting and any of us out here who are on Who are speaking the truth and trying to expose the evil, you want to silence us and punish us when you do nothing about the people who are actually the ones who should be confronted with.

So I disagree with a lot of your decisions and refusing to take down videos. Shame on you Facebook. But know that, my comments were all in good intentions. And I will not explain myself again to you or anyone else.

But I did take time out because I wanted you to understand that you are wrong and the decisions you came to regarding my account and my comments. Along with every other person on Facebook that Ive spoke out. Shame on each and everyone of you all.

But let me say this you best get your hearts right with the Lord Jesus Christ because he is returning soon and unless you repent of your sins in your wrongs to you and get right with the Lord you will not see the kingdom of heaven. Have a blessed day Facebook !

User's recommendation: Do not waste your time on watching these videos that these people in other countries post or even this country of America that they post on having wild animals in their homes because the day will come when those animals will turn on them and they will regret it.

Preferred solution: Apology.

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