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Update by user May 17, 2018

too many idiots on this website. no need for a facebook

Original review posted by user May 17, 2018

I have tried Facebook in the beginning, in 2008. Did not like it's persistence and I felt it is not a good place and idea to spill the facts of private life for the entire World to see or dodgy corporate people to use and abuse.

But a friend of mine mentioned to me today that there is a so-called "Marketplace" and it might be helpful to my small business. And I have signed up for a new account today just to find what a horrid mess, a true pile of joy Facebook is. 10 years down the road and you get messages "The Market Place is not available to everyone". Mind you- I am in the UK where this service works without regional restriction.

And I really didn't like the statement "... not for everyone".

Reminds me of discrimination and racism. Pubs of the old times use to have "No dogs and Irish", "No dogs and (race word)", *** used "No dogs and Polish" so I guess it is very easy to see a similarity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Facebook Account.

Facebook Cons: Too complex dated design horrible ethics, Discrimination.

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Facebook allows cyber bullying, cyber stalking, violates own community standards policy, hate speech, and threats of violence. I am pressing charges.


Oh! The problems little snowflakes have just trying to carry on through life.


hello, sad kitchen err? how's things?


busy body or your wife refused to give you a quality time today?


He's a busybody AND his wife won't give him time.