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You blocked my account for saying shoot instead of *** but then have the Bold audacity to say the pissed users term agreement yeah I screenshotted that so that's discrimination because I said shoot instead of *** because last time you banned me for cussing for inappropriate language I think it's funny how you think you're untouchable but you can get sued to just like everybody else discrimination discrimination freedom of speech is still freedom of speech and as much as you think you own people because they use this way map it just makes you a Super Target in a real bad way and the messed up thing is the only people that use you're a poor people in my age group so we all stop using your app who else you going to rob blind and manipulate and control and force your idea of appropriate conversation you tell me I can't cuss I don't cuss and say shoot you ban me for saying shoot instead of cussing where the *** is the wind in this you're making unrealistic expectations you're being narcissistic and abusive and discriminatorydiscriminatory

User's recommendation: Never.

Preferred solution: Rectify you ignorance .

Location: Chicago, Illinois

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