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I said idiots on a post I got 30 days I reported people bullying me and facebook has done nothing! I reported Roger Veldhuis saying to me on a post I made saying pint blank and I reported it that I suck Trumps tiny *** and they said it was ok and did nothing to him. Today I reported a person ---

Brian Cavallaro said idiot to someone 3/32021 and I reported it waiting to see if he gets 30 days! This was on a site called weird history talking about President Lincoln and this person called some one an idiot so I reported it see below what they said! I want off this 30 days! I have been contacting 50 congressmen and women and will be forwarding this to them and more! Flat out discrimination to me I have everything copied all the hate, cussing coming from a group called the other 98%. I want a phone number I demand to speak with someone!!!!

Today at 10:28 PM

We didn't take down Brian Cavallaro's comment

David, we reviewed the comment that you reported and found that it doesn't go against any of our Community Standards. For this reason we didn't take the comment down.

We keep our review process as fair as possible by using the same Community Standards to review reports.

While we've decided not to take this comment down, we understand that you don't like it. We recommend that you hide the comment or unfollow, unfriend or block the person who posted it.

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

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