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I have open views on people especially Facebook thinking that they can go on my post and edit *** to what they wanted to say instead of what my point of you is its a violation of the First Amendment freedom of speech they charged me over and over again Ive had my account suspended revoked more *** times than I can count because I dont support their views, Mark zoom Bergate is nothing but a Nazi he is a *** Hitler lover, sit there and violate my freedom of speech alter my post delete them put things on the saying that Im lying about stuff you guys can lick my *** freedom of speech is the first amendment in the United States formed and signed by our forefathers that you *** cannot alter, but I think its funny how you target me for this *** but yet when I reported someone for threatening to kill me and my wife you did not a *** thing about it because they supported your *** Nazi *** views you *** dictator I bet you go to sleep every night wearing your Nazi *** outfit that says I love Hitler you *** nazi, The first amendment was our forefathers right to give us for freedom of speech you violated that you aint nothing but a *** dictator you *** Nazi, One things for sure targeting me like this I come from a family full of *** attorneys and Ill sue you for targeting me discriminating against me and violating my first amendment freedom of speech but have no issue with attacking me and allowing people to *** threaten to kill me and you dont do a *** thing about it you *** Nazi *** dictating *** funny how you keep targeting me when other people start *** and you dont do a *** thing to anyone else but me you *** target people that dont support your views and your beliefs you are a *** dictator you are worse than *** Hitler Hitler was a *** angel compared to you *** I hope you enjoy all the *** lawsuits that I can become in your *** Waze you *** dictator ship Nazi loving Hitler ***

User's recommendation: Be ready to sue Facebook let’s start a *** class action lawsuit for violation of freedom of speech first amendment while they sit there and harass certain people that don’t share their beliefs and views.

Preferred solution: Stop violating my freedom of speech first amendment *** and quite frankly targeting me but letting other people threaten to murder me I’m gonna *** sue you.

Facebook Cons: Wrongfully bans people.

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