Hello I want to put a complaint in to your office about a absolutely disgusting service that your Facebook account team have.I was trying to change my email address in my Facebook account and the fk**g idiot's have blocked me from using my own account on my Facebook account.i think that they should get there facts right first before they start blaming other people about my account being hacked.for christ sake it was only me in my Facebook account.i was trying to change my f*in email address.I think that your services are absolutely bad and awful and they are a terrible service because only idiot's block people who can't do there job properly.and you should have a better service or even better staff who knows how to do there job properly to start with in the first place.only idiot's block the wrong people.learn how to do your job properly first before you start blocking people who already have that account to start with.you should teach your staff how to catch the proper hackers first.and I don't think it's funny people who can't do there job properly to start with regards Mrs Pearl cockle hope that you can sort this problem

Preferred solution: Apology.

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