Dear Facebook,

I wish to resolve an issue with a curent 30 day ban on my account !!

I find it extremely annoying and unfair that the facebook algorithm has banned me for sharing a meme ???

I request that this desision immediately since the same meme picture is well shared all over the internet and FB pages !!

I shall not be punished for sharing something as simple as a meme irregardless of its content !!

Its against Common Law to sensor another persons veiwpoint ... It should also be illegal to interfere with a persons livelyhood or work prospects by black banning if persons rely on social media networks for employment

I am now suffering from depression and anxiety at my lack of ability to contact prospective work empoyers ... let alone the stigma of ostrazization and ridicule and frustration being segregated from my friends also ... :(

The ban must be lifted immediately !!

I do not post violence or *** not do i *** the mistreatment of women or under privillaged societys or castes like other "entitys" take advantage of ??

Daily there is far worse violations of peoples rights and criminals using the Facebook algoritm for nefarios purpose !!

As stated above i demand someone please review my ban decision as the alorithm is seriously flawed and unjust !!

I request to have some correspondance with a team member to discuss this matter further !!

Kind Regards,

Aaron Cornall




Location: Melbourne, Victoria

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